The American Bully Rescue of Ontario was formed in 2014, originally as a breed club for owners, fanciers, and breeders of the American Bully. The breed had just been recognized by UKC as it's own breed in 2013 and was still quite rare in Ontario at that time. ​Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic spike in the popularity of the breed. We soon gained recognition as the 'go to' organization for the breed - whether it be for breed knowledge, breeder recommendations, dogs in need of rescue, or owners requesting support due to the Dog Owners Liability Act.​

With the popularity rise came more and more Bullies in need and more confusion from the general public as to whether or not these dogs were 'pit bulls'. It was then decided that we needed to form an official rescue for the American Bully. So in 2017, we did just that and became a registered non profit organization. Our main focus is on assisting dogs in need and providing representation and knowledge regarding the breed. It's important that the breed is promoted for what they are - their own breed.

​If you have any questions regarding who we are or what we do, please email us